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Indiana currently has a standard specification allowing the use of Manufacturers' recycled asphalt shingles in their HMA mixtures.  The specification does not allow Tear-off shingle scrap.  There are currently two recycling operators in the state using recycled asphalt shingles (RAS).  The state is currently looking into the use of tear-off shingle scrap.  Please contact the state representatives or shingle recyclers for information.

Indiana Shingle Recycling Operators

Indiana Standard Specification 2006 - Bituminous Pavements (Page 5)

Indiana State Contacts

Indiana Department of Environmental Managment: 

Tracy Barnes
Senior Environmental Manager
Industrial Waste Compliance Section
Indiana Department of Environmental Management
100 North State Avenue
MC 65-45-2 Shadeland Office
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2251
fax 317.308.3063
E-mail: tbarnes@idem.in.gov

EPA Regional Asbestos Contacts:

EPA Region 5
77 West Jackson Blvd.
Chicago,IL 60604

TSCA Coordinator
Phil King
Mail Code: DT-8J
fax: 312.353.4788

NESHAP Coordinator
Lucille Penson

Rochelle Marceillars

Rene Honore

Lisa Holscher

Stephanie Valentine

Mail Code: AE-17J

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