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Environmental and Permitting Issues

Environmental Issues 
The owners and operators of facilities that collect, process and recycle solid wastes are responsible for determining what environmental regulations and permitting requirements must be met. Asphalt shingle processors are no exception. There is no federal law or rule that governs non-asbestos-containing asphalt shingle recycling specifically, so it is up to the recycler to determine the specific state and local regulations that may apply. However, Federal law does prohibit recycling of asbestos-containing shingles.

The types of requirements vary from state to state. A permit to operate a processing facility may be required in some areas and environmental testing may be required in other areas. In addition, depending on the particulate emissions from the recycling process, an air permit may be required at the facility. The single biggest issue that has been raised with respect to asphalt shingle recycling is asbestos. A naturally occurring mineral that has been used in many different products in the past, asbestos has been raised as a concern with asphalt shingles. The vast majority of tests conducted on asphalt shingles have found no asbestos. But some types of other asphalt roofing products, such as roll roofing, adhesives, paints or waterproofing compounds may contain asbestos. To strike a balance between the protection of human health and the encouragement of recycling, several states have worked with recyclers to conduct initial testing on their waste stream to demonstrate the safety of their operation.

The information presented below is designed to provide those seeking to recycle asphalt shingles, as well as those who are charged with regulating asphalt shingle recycling, currently available information on environmental issues and how some jurisdictions have worked creatively to encourage the safe recycling of asphalt shingles.
Environmental and Permitting Issues
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