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Pennsylvania uses a permitting mechanism called a general permit for authorizing the processing and beneficial use of wastes including waste asphalt shingles.  At this time, Pennsylvania allows the use of Manufacturers shingle scrap for use in the production of hot mix asphalt-paving material and as a sub-base for road and driveway construction under the general permit #WMGR079 .  They do not allow the use of tear-off shingle scrap.  Persons processing shingles for beneficial use must ensure that asbestos shingles are not accepted. This could be through generator knowledge or testing.  The permits Pennsylvania is currently working on do include chemical analyses of the shingle waste. The analyses include: a determination that the waste is not hazardous waste (TCLP metals), TCLP volatile organics, TCLP leachate herbicides, TCLP leachate pesticides, TCLP leachate semi-volatile organics, PCBs, oil and grease, selenium, copper, nickel, and zinc.  A permit, when issued will specify additional testing when the manufacturing process changes. Otherwise, re-analysis would be required every three years. Please contact the state for further information.

Pennsylvania Shingle Recyclers  

Special Conditions General Permit (#WMGR079)

Pennsylvania State Contacts

Department of Environmental Protection Contacts:

Ronald Hassinger (BUD)
Division of Municipal and Residual Waste
Pennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Protection
Rachel Carson State Office Building 14th Floor
P.O. Box 8472
Harrisburg, PA 17105-8472
fax: 717-787-1904

Department of Transportation:

Rocksroy Bailey
Environmental Scientist
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
400 North Street, 7th Floor
Harrisburg, PA 17102

EPA Regional Asbestos Contacts:

EPA Region 3
1650 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA  19103

TSCA Coordinator
Steve Forostial
Mail Code: 3WC32
fax: 215.814.3113

NESHAP Coordinator
Steve Forostial
Mail Code: 3WC32
fax: 215.814.3113


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