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Contact the state to see what the regulatory interests are in a specific project.  There may be some recycling of shingles, however there is no state-driven effort at this time.  40 CFR 61.143 is the standard for roadways and the use of asbestos containing materials. Following USEPA guidelines, roofing products are considered a suspect material and should be sampled when they are part of a regulated activity (see 40 CFR 61.145).

Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality:

Bickham Forshee
Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality
2380 Highway 80 West
P.O. Box 20305
Jackson, MS 39289-1385
Fax: 601.961.5660

Mark Williams (BUD)
Administrator of Solid Waste Policy & Planning
Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality
Solid Waste Policy & Planning Group
P.O. Box 10385
Jackson, MS 39289-0385
Fax: 601.354.6612

EPA Regional Asbestos Contacts: 

EPA Region 4
461 Forsyth Street S.W.
Atlanta, GA  30303-8960

TSCA Coordinator
John Hund
Fax: 404.562.8972 or 8973

NESHAP Coordinator
Pam McIlvaine
Fax:  404.562.9164

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