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Massachusetts Department of Highways (Mass Highways):

Current Ma/DOT materials specification allows for 5 percent manufacturers’ RAS in HMA.  To see Mass DOT materials specifications, click to open PDF file: “Standard Special Provisions (As of April 21, 2005):  Division III - Materials Specification:  Section M3  -  Bituminous Materials:  Subsection M.3.11.01 – General [PDF file page 51] and Subsection M.3.11.04 –  E. Reclaimed Asphalt Shingles (RAS) [PDF file page 53]”

Although Tear-off RAS are not allowed in HMA at this time, they are currently under research and a pilot project is underway for future consideration.

Massachusetts Shingle Recycling Operators

Massachusetts State Contacts

MASS Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)

The DEP regulates recycling, market development, BUD, and hazardous (ACM) waste disposal.  In Massachusetts, the EPA delegates asbestos programs to DEP and the Division of Occupational Safety (DOS).

Waste & Recycling  

Construction & demolition (C&D debris): 

Jim McQuade

Beneficial Use Determinations (BUD's):

Sean Griffin

Environmentally preferred products:

Steve Long

Other MassDEP contacts: 

Paul Emond

Greg Levins


MASS Division of Occupational Safety (DOS):  

Licenses and Notifications:  617.727.7047
Enforcement: Brian Wong  617.727.3982

MASS Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD):

The DHCD manages large state housing projects.  They are interested in C&D recycling, beginning with shingles.   General Phone: 617.573.1100

Sustainable Development
Stan Kruszewski: 617.573.1350

EPA Regional Asbestos Contacts: 

EPA Region 1
One Congress Street
Suite 1100
Boston, MA 02114-2023

TSCA Coordinator
Jim Bryson
Mail Code: CPT
Fax: 617.918.1505

Nick Leonardi
Mail Code: CPT
fax: 617-918-1505

NESHAP Coordinator
Peter Kudarauskas
Mail Code: SEP
fax: 617.918.0404

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