Saturday, 24 February 2018


Hawaii is not currently recycling asphalt shingles.  In 1999 they conducted a feasibility study on the use of tear-off recycled asphalt shingles in HMA applications but further research is needed.  The Solid and Hazardous Waste Branch is willing to work with companies interested in promoting shingle recycling.  A shingle recycling operation would need to apply for a permit-by-rule with the Department of Health, Solid and Hazardous Waste Branch.  Please contact John Valera for additional information.

Hawaii Department of Health:

John Valera (BUD)
Solid and Hazardous Waste Branch
Hawaii Department of Health
919 Ala Moana Boulevard #212
Honolulu, HI 96814
fax 808.586.7509

Tom Lileikis
Hawaii Department of Health
591 Ala Moana Boulevard
Honolulu, HI  96813
fax: 808.586.5811 

EPA Regional Asbestos Contacts: 

EPA Region 9
75 Hawthorne Street
San Francisco, CA  94105

TSCA Coordinator
Ron Tsuchiya
Mail Code: CMD-4-2
fax: 415.947.3583

NESHAP Coordinator
Bob Trotter
Mail Code: A-3-3
fax: 415.744.3579

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