Thursday, 22 February 2018

Environmental Issues of Recycling Tear-Off Roofing Shingles Webinar

Held October 7, 2009

Sponsored by CMRA, NAPA, WasteCap & Wisconsin DNR

On October 7, NAPA, WasteCap Resource Solutions, CMRA and Wisconsin DNR produced a webinar entitled “Environmental Issues of Recycling Tear-Off Roofing Shingles”. The webinar was attended by 125 participants from around the continent and lasted for almost two hours. A broad range of environmental and other regulatory issues were discussed, including case study highlights from Minnesota and Wisconsin.

This Environmental Issues webinar was intended as a precursor to the full 4th Asphalt shingles Recycling Forum to be held in Chicago on November 5 – 6, 2009. This webinar allowed panelists and participants to go into depth on how current, best practices come to bear on managing the asbestos issue.



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