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Canada Shingle Recyclers:

BFI Waste Management
3628 Navan Road
Navan, ON, Canada K4B 1J3
Phone: 613.834.2800

Eccopave Inc.
North Site: 319 36 Avenue NE
Calgary, AB, Canada  T2E 2L6
Phone: 403.702.3226

South Site: 10014 24 Street SE
Calgary, AB, Canada  T2C 3X7
Phone: 403.702.3226

Spyhill Location: 6465 144 Avenue NW
Calgary, AB, Canada  T3R 1J4
Phone: 403.702.3226
Website: www.eccorecycling.com
Contact: Paul Perrier, Business Manager

Environmental Processors West, Inc. (EPI West)
Calgary Site: 71 Technology Way SE
Calgary, AB, Canada  T3S 0B3
Phone: 403.237.8444
Calgary Contact: Paul Nielsen

Edmonton East Site: 6433 20 Street
Edmonton, AB, Canada  T6P 0A1
Phone: 780.965.3741

Edmonton West Site: 408 David Road
Edmonton, AB, Canada  T7X 5A7
Phone: 780.935.4940
Edmonton Contact: Shane Ducholke
Email: shane@environmentalprocessors.com
Website: www.environmentalprocessors.com

Gemaco Sales, Ltd.
Mobile shingle grinding only
Surrey, BC, Canada  V4A 1H2
Fax: 604.541.7525
Website: www.gemacosales.com

Greensite Recycling
170 Transport Road
Winnipeg, MB, Canada  R2C 2Z2
Fax: 204.668.5151
Website: www.greensiterecycling.com

Intercity Recycle, Ltd.
3205, 39th Avenue
Vernon, BC, Canada  V1T 3C9
Contact: Brent Gatacre
Email: icv@live.ca
Website: intercityrecycle.com

Penner Waste
20153 Rd15N
Winkler, MB, Canada  R6W 4A4
Website: www.pennerwaste.com

Sittler Environmental, Inc.
PO Box 36, 2660 Arthur St. N.
Elmira, ON, Canada  N3B 2Z5
Website:  www.sittler.ca


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